Advisory Committee Tasks and Role

The Advisory Committee was created and operates on the basis of the Statutes for the Euratom Supply Agency (2008/114/EC, Euratom) and acts as a link between the Agency and both producers and users in the nuclear industry.

Chapter 3 of the Statutes specifies the composition, chairmanship, terms of reference and meetings of the Committee. The Committee assists the Agency in performing its tasks by giving opinions and providing analysis and information. Assistance also extends to the preparation of reports, surveys and analysis.

The Committee members are appointed by the EU Member States on the basis of their degree of relevant experience and expertise in nuclear issues. The number of Committee members each Member State can appoint is laid down in the Statutes. The term of office is for three years with the possibility of renewal. The Committee has to appoint a Chairperson and two Vice-Chairpersons from the members of the Committee. The Committee is convened when considered necessary and usually twice a year.