EU External Investment Plan

EU External Investment Plan guarantees

Financial institution Guarantee Up to €m

A. Small businesses and agriculture

Sub-Total: 543.0

Sub-Total: €543.0m

EIB SME Access to Finance Initiative 100
AFD, Proparco Agricultural and Rural Finance Guarantee Programme (AgreenFi) 160
IFC Small Loan Guarantee Program (SLGP) 58
FMO NASIRA Risk-Sharing Facility 100
CDP, AECID Financial Inclusion Programme (InclusiFi) 60
CDP Archipelagos - One Platform for Africa (ONE4A) 30
EIB MSME Investment Platform 15
EBRD Financial Inclusion 20

B. Sustainable energy and connectivity

Sub-Total: 278.0

Sub-Total: €278.0m

KfW African Energy Guarantee Facility 46
AFD, CDP European Guarantee for Renewable Energy (non-sovereign) 62
COFIDES Renewable Energy Support Programme for mainly rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa 20
EBRD Boosting Investment in Renewable Energy 50
EBRD EU Municipal, Infrastructure and Industrial Resilience Programme 100

C. Sustainable cities

Sub-Total: 100.0

Sub-Total: €100.0m

AECID Resilient City Development (RECIDE) 100

D. Digitalisation

Sub-Total: 478.0

Sub-Total: €478.0m

FMO FMO Ventures Programme 40
EIB European Health Platform 438

E. Local currency financing

Sub-Total: 150.0

Sub-Total: €150.0m

KfW EU Market Creation Facility (with TCX) 150

Total: 1549.0

Total: €1549.0m

We reallocated some of the funds between individual guarantees in June 2020, in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The allocations prior to the reorientation are listed in this document.