EU External Investment Plan

About the Plan

Your questions answered.

How the EU External Investment Plan works

Through the Plan we offer 3 things:


We’ve allocated €5.4 billion in EU funds to bring in new investment of over €54 billion.

We’re using this money in two ways:

Here we take an all-new approach. We share the risk so that private investors and development banks will finance entrepreneurs or development projects.

Here we cover part of the costs of a development project to get it off the ground, with public and private investors financing the rest.


We also fund what’s called technical assistance from experts.


• help develop new projects - for example, to ensure a new solar power plant will succeed, so investors will finance it

• enable local and EU firms to draft business plans

• support governments in enacting reforms to attract investors.

Investment climate support

We work closely with governments to help them improve the investment climate.

This includes:

• the business environment, like how easy it is to start a business

• other factors, such as how stable a country is. 

And we bring together governments and businesses to address investment challenges