EU External Investment Plan

Why the Plan

Jobs. Growth. Prosperity.

That's what the EU External Investment Plan is designed to generate. Here's the thinking behind it.

1. More investment in countries outside the EU

We help countries neighbouring the EU and in Africa attract much more investment, especially from the private sector, than they could otherwise.

2. More jobs, higher growth

This investment helps to bridge the gap between...

  • the financing already available and
  • the financing still needed create jobs, boost growth and meet the other UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3. More stability, prosperity – and opportunities

More jobs and faster growth make those countries more stable and prosperous.

This gives:

  • people living there more opportunities
  • investors more reasons to enter those markets

Supporting the EU’s partnership with Africa...

The EU is already Africa’s biggest:

  • foreign investor – with over €260 billion invested across the continent
  • source of development assistance

Now, the EU is working to bring even more investment into Africa and create up to 10 million jobs there by 2023.

We’re doing so through the Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs. The EU External Investment Plan is one of the Alliance’s four main parts.

…and with neighbouring countries 

The EU also has a European Neighbourhood policy. With it we support 16 countries:

The EU External Investment Plan is a key part of this policy.