EU External Investment Plan

What we've done so far



Responding to COVID-19

In 2020 we've refocused the Plan's guarantees to help countries respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

We're targeting in particular small business owners, women and young people. And we're devoting more of the available financing to:

  • small businesses - helping them stay afloat by:
    • encouraging local banks to lend more to them
    • making it more affordable for them to borrow - in many cases they'll be able to pay less in interest, or repay the loan over a longer period, than they would otherwise.
  • healthcare - and in particular testing labs.

Implementation on track

We've allocated all €1.55 billion available through the Plan for financial guarantees.

This should bring in €17.5 billion in overall investment.

And we’ve so far concluded 18 agreements with partner institutions to put the guarantees into practice. 


We've allocated all €3.5 billion available through the Plan for grants for blending projects – financing 181 in all.

This should bring in about €32.6 billion in overall investment.

More on blending

In more detail

We're committed to being fully transparent in the way we put the Plan into practice and report on results.

Every year we submit a detailed operational report to the European Parliament and the Council.

Here are the three reports produced so far:

In 2019 we also commissioned an independent evaluation of the European Fund for Sustainable Development, the financing arm of the EU External Investment Plan.

The evaluation concluded that the Fund is 'strongly relevant' to the investment needs of Sub-Saharan Africa and the EU Neighbourhood.

In 2020 we submitted a report on the implementation of the Fund to the European Parliament and Council. This report builds on the independent assessment.

Investment climate support


We’re supporting work to identify what puts off potential investors from certain countries – and how to bring them on board.

To date we’ve helped finance detailed reports for 15 partner countries.


We’ve helped to bring together governments and businesses on a regular basis to discuss challenges to securing investment.

So far we’ve done this in 16 partner countries.


We’re backing government reforms and other initiatives to attract more investment.

In 2019 alone, we invested over €600 million.