EU External Investment Plan

How it works - expertise

This part of the EU External Investment Plan is formally known as technical assistance, or TA.

The Plan funds two types of technical assistance. These focus on:

  • projects – enabling development banks and investors to develop high-quality projects which the Plan can help to finance
  • investment climate support – enabling governments enact reforms to make their countries more attractive to investors.

This assistance supports the other two parts of the Plan – finance and investment climate support.

Type 1: projects

Help to develop high-quality investment projects

We want the Plan to help deliver the highest quality development projects - as is the case with other kinds of EU development assistance.

So we help to fund technical assistance from experts in different areas – from accountancy to engineering

They come in at different stages of a project:

  • before it's started

    to see if it's feasible 

    for example: if a power plant is suitable for a particular location

  • while it's being planned

    to ensure it's likely to succeed and make money (what's known as 'bankable'), so investors will finance it 

    for example: to ensure a power plant will sell enough energy to repay the loans needed to build it

  • after it's started

    to ensure it runs smoothly and any problems are resolved

    for example: to train local staff on how to operate and maintain the power plant

Type 2: investment climate support

Help to enable countries to attract more investment

Governments in countries neighbouring the EU and in Africa are working to make their countries more attractive places to invest and do business in. In other words, they’re improving the investment climate.

By funding this second type of expertise, we’re supporting their efforts.

And we're helping businesses compete, innovate and grasp opportunities more effectively.