Science for Environment Foundation

Science for Environment Foundation

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Fundacja Nauka dla Środowiska
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Fundacja Nauka dla Środowiska
ul. Racławicka 15-17
75-620 Koszalin
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+48 3478205
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Sylwia Pawłowska-Sipak
project specialist
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Science for Environment Foundation is an independent non-governmental not-for-profit organisation.


The primary operation method of the foundation is the realisation of the innovative projects and research tasks. Additionally, every year the foundation awarded grants for social enterprises undertaken by local communities for the common good.

The Foundation operates within the nationwide network of Act Locally Centres (Act Locally Program) and the national network of regional European Social Fund Centres. The Foundation is also a member of the international network of Aflatoun, where it represents the Polish NGO partnership in the global movement for social and financial education of children and adolescents.

The Foundation operates as an organisation which is independent form the state and political institutions. The business activities, donations from individuals and market operators, as well as grants from Polish-American Freedom Foundation, the Academy of the Philanthropy Development in Poland and other domestic and foreign institutions are the financial sources of the Foundation.

The main statutory objective of the Foundation is the implementation of the idea of sustainable development with the optimal usage of research potential and the available local resources. To achieve this goal, the foundation operates in three program areas:


We promote alternative energy sources, the environment-friendly tourism and teach people how to care for the environment in which they live. Through social campaigns, publications and workshops, we present the practical aspects of the sustainable development. By providing the effective environmental education for children, adolescents and adults we fulfil our goals. We also implement solutions for the sustainable urban transport and support and provide ideas of creating a friendly public space. We promote the active way of recreation where the natural, cultural and local products are used. We also organise trainings for specialists, field research and thematic urban games.

We undertake a range of activities for the development of children, adolescents and adults. We implement different forms of teaching which are based on participatory education and an active acquisition of skills. We organise the international youth workshops where the enthusiasm and willingness of young people are engaged to support local enterprises. We provide social and financial education which aim is to balance life chances of children and adolescents. We support people who are in charge of the rural community centres, teachers and other persons who work with young people in implementing active education.


We support local leaders, local authorities and social organisations in the implementation of the development projects. We organise local competitions for grants. We also advise, train, publish and build a multi-sectoral partnerships. We promote the social involvement of the companies and provide financial education for adults. We organise debates, social consultation and support the social economy subjects in the infrastructural way. 

In our work we focus on the innovation, openness and transparency. We try to look at local needs through the prism of the local communities and available natural sources, engaging all sides in solving problems creatively. This enables us to act effectively and introduce permanent changes.


We in cooperation with other institutions privide the centre of social economy in zachodniopomorskie region. We suport NGO's regionally and locally.

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