Education and Youth Empowerment Society

Education and Youth Empowerment Society

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Общество за образование и подкрепа на младежта
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EYES strives for a democratic and diverse Europe, which is socially, economically and politically integrated, and values the participation of young people in its construction and development.

EYES empowers young people in Europe to take an active role in society. It creates a space for dialogue and learning opportunities as well as acts as their representative towards decision-makers. Moreover, it strengthens mutual understanding and brings Europe closer to young people.



The Education and Youth Empowerment Society (EYES) is a non for profit organisation, located in Sofia, Bulgaria working to motivate youth by means of one caring and supportive environment.

EYES is working in the field of VET and services covering the main functional areas of activities and methodology of informal - in company training, innovative training methods, materials and modules fostering entrepreneurship, transfer of innovations etc. to promote the entrepreneurship; non-formal and informal learning to fostering active citizenship and participation of young people in diverse and tolerant societies and preventing marginalisation, radicalisation potentially resulting in violent behaviour. Our youth work is an effective contribution to preventing radicalisation of  young people excluded from social and civic life, who are difficult to reach and encourage their active citizenship and participation, offline and online.

Our association works for building social bridges, developing and realizing of soft skills trainings, incl. diversity management, enhancing work-life balance and the compatibility of work with care-giving responsibilities.

We do research, develop and implement the experiences, principles and policies, connected with coexistence and communication between different communities, the principles of civil society and gender mainstreaming, European policies and values.


Experience & current activities of the organisation (in relation to TNC)


We develop and tast training concepts for working with social workers, educators, pedagogues, vocational counselors, helpers for youngsters with special needs, volunteers of institutions and associations that work with youngsters etc. - who have the task to support and to attend to young people by orientating and planning their professional way and life.

We are working to enable and encourage them to develop local cooperation systems for the support of young people – pupils, unemployed young people, disadvantaged and disabled youngsters

– to offer them assistance that includes their entire living environment on their way to a satisfying occupational and social life.

- to improve the performance of young volunteers’ social action whilst providing them the necessary skills to help them improve the performance of their social action and improve their employability.


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