Tips - Making a link to a library document or folder

Tips - Making a link to a library document or folder

You can make links to documents or folders of the ESF TP library and insert them into a message you post in the forums, in an email you send, in another website or in pdf document... it is easy!


Copy-clipboard icon
Near by the name of a folder or a document in the library, you can find a small button looking like a clipboard, simply click on it and the corresponding link will be stored in your clipboard. Then, you can paste the link (or use also the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-V in Windows or Cmd-V on MAC).

Here below the printscreen of a library folder as example with these icons linked to Folder names or File names (click on the picture to expand it):

If you need to make a link to the root level of a TN, go to the forum page of the TN, right-click on the corresping link to the library (circled in red below) and copy the link.


And don't forget the other support guides on creating projects or posting documents on the ESF Transnational Platform in the Technical Support forum!