Strategic management in depth discussion (Online and Prague, November 28, 2017)

Strategic management in depth discussion (Online and Prague, November 28, 2017)

The spring meeting of the network in Prague focused on the issue of ”strategic management”. A first draft of a report, written by Benedict Wauters, was circulated there. Benedict has continued working on this report and a new, substantially revised, draft is foreseen including the cases from the Netherlands and Finland that were discussed in Prague.

To allow for a focused and in depth discussion on the content of this new draft, we will first discuss the parts of the document on-line and then there will be a 1 day workshop in Prague.

Here you can find the draft agenda: 



The on-line discussion is open to everybody interested and is structured as follows:

Week 1 (Oct 16) – Discussion of case 1 – MetroGIS US (unit level)
- case_1_metrogis_in_minnesota.pdf
Additional information (not necessary to read to discuss the case, just for those interested):
  + annex_1_metrogis.pdf
  + annex_2_metrogis_page_62.pdf

Week 2 (Oct 23) – Discussion of case 2 – Ministry of Works, Bahrain (ministry level)
- case_2_ministry_of_works_bahrein.pdf

Week 3 (Oct 30) – Discussion of case 3 – RWL NL (agency level)
- case_3_dutch_agency_for_transport_and_infrastructure.docx

Week 4 (Nov 06) – Discussion of case 4 – Flanders circular economy (system level)
- case_4_transitions_in_flanders.docx

Week 5 (Nov 13) – Discussion of case 5 – Finland (government level)
- case_5_finland_strategic_government_rev_1.docx
- the last case before the meeting. 

Week 6 (Nov 20) – Review of theoretical framework

(Week 7 (Nov 28) – Prague meeting)

The discussion takes place at the linked-in group of PAG - . Most of you are members of this group. If not yet, ask Benedict ( to invite you.

If you like to be involved in this discussion (and even if you want to came to Prague workshop) please register. To prevent spamming all the members of the network, I will from Week 2 of the discussion contact only those registered with new cases to discuss. Here is the registration form available:

You can register for on-line discussion only, or for both on-line discussion and Prague workshop, please do so before October 25 (sorry for a short deadline).

Workshop in Prague
The purpose of the workshop will be to reflect on what are the essential ingredients of strategic management and to what extent these add value in a public sector context. Participants should therefore be directly involved in strategic management either as experts (e.g. academics, consultants supporting the public sector in a concrete project to develop and implement strategic management) or as civil servants responsible for a concrete strategic management project or process at agency, ministry or government level. A link to ESIF funding would be much appreciated but this is not a strong requirement.  What matters most is first hand, current experience with strategic management. Participants will be expected to have read (key parts of) the draft document before attending the meeting and to put their initial questions and/or reflections into the (secure) PAG network online discussion platform. The results of the workshop will be integrated into a final draft.

Please do not hesitate to forward this message to those collaborators that you deem best placed to participate. Please note that the workshop will be limited to max 15 participants. Selection will be conducted by the workshop organisers, based on the information provided in the registration. The deadline for registration is 25 October (use the form above). Participants will be notified if they have (not) been selected by the 27th of October. This is a formal PAG network meeting and hence the usual rules concerning reimbursement apply e.g. 1-2 person per member state will be reimbursed.