Policy paper: Social inclusion indicators for ESF investments

Policy paper: Social inclusion indicators for ESF investments


This report has been written by Fintan Farrell and Patrizia Brandellero, ESF Thematic Experts on Inclusion, through discussions in the ESF Thematic Network Inclusion (TNI) as part of the ESF Transnational Platform. However, the views expressed in the report do not necessarily reflect those of all the participants in the TNI, nor the views of the European Commission.

The purpose of the present document is to:

  • Understand and make explicit the mechanisms currently in place for social inclusion earmarking of ESF spending;
  • Suggest ways to ensure a more in-depth inclusion-proofing of ESF spending;
  • identify key social inclusion indicators, including soft indicators, that could ensure an adequate and targeted system for tracking the 20% ESF funding earmarked for social inclusion initiatives;
  • ensure that spending included under the earmarked 20% has an effective impact in terms of social inclusion, by reaching and impacting groups experiencing poverty and social exclusion;
  • suggest changes on process and indicators that would gain ownership from within the ESF system to ensure alignment, clear targeting and results.

Full report can be downloaded here