ORPHAN - Approved project looking for transitional partners "Social innovation, territory of youth entrepreneurship in rural ar

ORPHAN - Approved project looking for transitional partners "Social innovation, territory of youth entrepreneurship in rural ar

Dear partners, 

We are National Youth Forum - the biggest youth association in Bulgaria and a part ot European Youth Forum. 

Regarding Measure BG05M90P001-4.003 "Transitional partnerships"we have been selected for grant. Our project is approved, but unfortunately our partner in TCA is rejected and we are looking for relible new one.  We will be able to contract a new TCA with partners with similar activities in their approved projects. 

Here is brief description of the project:

The activities in this project are focused on promoting transnational cooperation between partners from Bulgaria and Poland to identify, develop, pilot and implement social innovation among NEET youths from the rural areas of the two countries. Implementing social innovation aims to support entrepreneurship and promote self-employed young people in innovative economic niches with great public impact. To this end, an analysis of effective social practices in European countries will be made. On the basis of the analysis will be presented in detail the social innovations in the sphere of the circular economy and the creation of added value to the health tourism products and services. Partner teams will focus their joint work on the description of the main principles and methods for implementing both practices. They will make detailed definitions of the two innovative approaches. These definitions will serve to assess the opportunities for applying social practices in a new geographic context - rural territories from Bulgaria and Poland and NEET young people living in these areas. As a result of the activities, we expect two pilot models and innovative digital training tools to be developed. Pilot models and e-learning tools on phones and tablets of target groups. They will fully meet their needs and will be in line with the modern style and lifestyle of young people in modern times. To enhance the support of youth business initiatives, modern and innovative training methods and forms will be used in the new digital age. The results generated within the project will be multiplied by other stakeholders working in the field of youth entrepreneurship. The products and results are characterized by high availability and adaptability. They will help 200 young NEETs to develop new knowledge and skills to practice entrepreneurship.

If you are looking for association with an approved project, please dont hesitate to send us a contact message: