New dossiers on systems thinking, profiling and partnership

New dossiers on systems thinking, profiling and partnership


The ESF Thematic Networks are in their ‘performing’ phase. Some of their work has been distilled into three new Technical Dossiers.

Dossier 5 – Systems Thinking for European Structural and Investment Funds Management – Guide to process evaluation and lean fund management – is written by Vladimír Kváča, expert for the Governance and Public Administration network. It investigates what sorts of work really serve clients’ needs and which sorts are wasteful, and shows how Managing Authorities can apply the Vanguard Method to smarten up their acts. It recommends analysing demand and then turning organisations ‘outside in’ to focus on fulfilling customers’ needs. This shows what work matters, and what does not.

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Dossier 6 – Tackling Long-Term Unemployment through Risk Profiling and Outreach – is written by Anette Scoppetta, expert for the Employment network. The network’s second ‘white paper’ describes the various profiling methods used to decide what active labour market measures will best suit different categories of long-term unemployed people. Weighing the evidence on current practice, it concludes that although statistical tools can help if used properly, assessment by human caseworkers is still the best method.

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Dossier 7 – Review of the European Code of Conduct on Partnership (ECCP) – is written by Leda Stott, expert of the Partnership network. It looks at ways to improve the way the partnership principle is applied in practice. It makes recommendations in areas (some already addressed in the existing ECCP and some new) including accountability, flexibility, representativeness, transparency, ongoing involvement and capacity building.

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All three dossiers are illustrated by case studies drawn from the work of their respective thematic networks. They can be downloaded from the ‘Publications’ folder under “Technical dossiers” in the Library of the ESF Transnational Platform website.

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