Key steps with Projects and TCA submission

Key steps with Projects and TCA submission

You search for partners…

              You have a project idea…

                            You want to build a partnership…

The key steps on how The ESF Transnational Platform (ESF TP) can help you...

1° Log to the ESF TP

  • Go to the platform
  • Connect with your ECAS account or create one (top left corner)
  • Complete your profile if it is the first time you log in.

Guide to connect: 

 (click the image to enlarge)

2°) Use the Partner search

  • To look for project ideas
  • To check if your organisation is mentioned or active
  • To search for partners

On the ESF TP homepage, you have direct search filters at the bottom of the page (Projects, organisations, Calls, TCAs…).

Once you launched a search, results are presented with supplementary filters on the left to help you refine your search.

Being connected on the platform, you can send messages to the contact persons (projects, managing authorities, …).

3°) You want to propose a project idea

  • Go to your space “myTNC” – TNC = TransNational Cooperation.
  • Go to the tab “Create content”
    • Click on “Organisation” to create your organisation if it doesn’t exist yet in the database
    • Add contact persons as needed (you can invite contributors if they are not yet on the ESF TP).
    • Then, click on “Project” to create a project idea. It gets a unique identification number, the TPI – Transnational Project Identifier.
    • How to input content and save or publish your project: see user-guide above.
  • To manage/revise Organisations or Projects you created or on which you have contribution rights, go to your space “myTNC” and search under the first tab “My Content”.

4°) You found partners, you want to build a partnership (TCA) and submit it to your Managing Authorities

Parallel actions by Project promoters and Managing Authorities (click the image to enlarge)

  • Go to your space “myTNC”, tab “Create content”
    • Click on “TCA” – fill in as much as you can and save as draft.
    • Add your partnering projects into the TCA using their TPI number or project title. You can find this information via the partner-search tool or ask directly your partners.
    • You can ask / inform your partner to collaboratively input data into the TCA or do it for them.
  • To manage/revise TCAs you created or on which you have contribution rights, go to your space “myTNC”, tab “My Content”.
  • To submit your TCA to the corresponding Managing Authorities for evaluation, the projects attached to the TCA must be complete and published (not only saved, but also published via the project screen itself). An error/alert message will remind you to go to the corresponding projects before you can effectively send the TCA to the MAs.
  • After submission of your TCA, the corresponding MAs are notified by email.
    • Once all involved MAs have given their green light your TCA receives the global green light.
    • Any of the following modifications revert the status of the TCA to orange, the MAs are notified, and the MAs concerned by the modification need to re-approve the TCA:
      • Any change in the content of the TCA.
      • Core change in a partnering project: country of submission, call for proposal, project leading organisation.
      • Core change in a leading organisation: name of the organisation in the national language, or its country.

So, make sure this information is correct before submitting your TCA.

A short user-guide on TCA:


A support forum on technical aspects of the ESF TP is available with several user-guides. You can also create discussion topics (suggestions, technical help…).