Funding opportunity for migrant associations in Portugal

Funding opportunity for migrant associations in Portugal


Applications for funding through the 2019 PAAI (Immigrant Associations Support Programme) will be accepted until 31 January 2019. The goals of the 2019 PAAI are to promote integration and equal opportunities for migrants in their access to basic services in Portugal, and to contribute to a change of mentality and promote intercultural dialogue between migrant communities and the host society.

The funding rate will be 70% of the total eligible cost of each approved project, with a maximum amount of € 10,000. The total amount available through this bid will be € 200,000. The funding opportunity prioritises three areas of intervention:

  • Welcome and integration
  • Strengthening diversity
  • Recognised merit

Only associations of immigrants whose representativeness is recognised by the High Commission for Migration are eligible to apply for funding. Each entity can only submit one application. The applications must be submitted online through the SIGAF Platform (Integrated Financial Management System), where associations can access the Support Programme and necessary documentation.