CISB Bulgaria partnership interest

CISB Bulgaria partnership interest

The Chamber of Installation Specialists in Bulgaria (CISB) is a national branch organization established in April 1995 in Plovdiv as a non-profit organization (Installation Chamber). To date, CISB has more than 200 members – physical persons and legal entities working in the field of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigerating equipment, electrical engineering and automation, water-supply and plumbing, gas-supply, energy saving technologies, renewable sources of energy and environmental protection.

       The Chamber keeps a Professional Register of Installation Specialists.


· To promote and support the development of installation equipment in Bulgaria;

· To represent and protect the interests of its members;

· To represent its members before the public and various institutions;

· To facilitate and promote the improvement of the professional qualification of installation specialists.

In December 2005, the Vocational Training Center at CISB was licensed (License № 200512291, rec. 10/14.12.2005 issued by NAVET), providing vocational training in licensed professions in the field of buildings installations, such as, among others: 'Electrician', 'Mechanic of power facilities and installations', 'Technician of power facilities and installations', 'Builder', 'Water-supply system installer' 'Plumber', etc.

Since 2003, CISB has been a full member of GCI-UICP (international union of roofing and plumbing contractors) which has its head office in Brussels.

We express our interest in participating in the platform, supporting and connecting transnational partners in the implementation of projects aimed at the realization and improvement of social connections, the overcoming of difficulties and borders between states within the EU. We are an organization with great potential and international experience and have partners, connections and contacts among our members as well as among socially active groups of young people seeking employment, internationalization, acquiring new knowledge and skills. We strongly believe that the ESF mediated and supported projects provide the best opportunities for these target groups to realize their potential and opportunities through international exchange with different organizations to aid in overcoming language, labor and social barriers. We have access to all local organizations and administrations, as well as active communication with them, and we can be a great mediator, which is why we offer organizations with shared funding projects to provide and work with actively social groups, skills and vocational training in different spheres, to be a partner in projects for the realization of mutually beneficial ideas. We are open to discussing specific ideas as well as to actively engage in projects of organizations seeking partners. We are convinced that by uniting our strengths, skills and contacts, we can be mutually beneficial to any organization that implements projects related to our common interests.

Contact person in any relation to possible partnership projects or other information is:

Samuil Naumov

/Project manager/