9th meeting of Learning and Skills Thematic Network, 27-28 November 2018, Lisbon

9th meeting of Learning and Skills Thematic Network, 27-28 November 2018, Lisbon

The 9th meeting of the ESF (European Social Fund) Transnational Thematic Network on Learning and Skills took place on 27th and 28th November in Lisbon, Portugal, and was hosted by POCH (Portuguese Human Capital Operational Programme), ESF Managing Authority.

The network had a closer look at how the ESF is being used by Portuguese authorities for programmes and projects aiming to support labour integration and social inclusion through education and training with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools, focusing on Digital Skills.

On the first day participants visited a ‘Qualifica Centre’, an education and training service for adults established by ANQEP (Portuguese National Agency for Qualification), to learn more about the ‘Digital Skills Passport’ targeting elderly, socially disadvantaged, low-skilled and unemployed citizens. An intensive working session was dedicated to chosing the most relevant ESF projects to support the Digital Skills publication to be released at the beginning of 2019. ANQEP also gave a very interesting presentation of the national validation system of prior learning in Portugal, much appreciated by the majority of the ESF MA currently developing their own system. The first day meeting ended with a presentation of the ESF Human Capital OP.

The second day of the meeting took place in Casa do Impacto, a former convent transformed into a hub for socially innovative entrepreneurs. The Portugal Social Innovation Mission Structure (EMPIS) gave the floor to 10 innovative ESF funded projects. All the projects are using ICT or other means of innovative communication methodologies in order to address the needs of different social groups, mostly children and people with disabilities, and are thus closely linked with new ways of learning and developing skills.

At the meeting, participants agreed to work on the following action points:

  • Members of the network update information about the National Digital Skills Agenda and/or Digital Skills national policies, to provide an introductory panorama of the “Digital Skills in practice” publication
  • Members of the network finalise projects examples and structure the main messages to illustrate 2 sections of the ‘Digital Skills in practice’ publication: citizens and labour force.
  • The network wishes to organize two workshops in the coming months, on 2 topics: Dual system/work-based learning and National systems for recognition and validation of qualifications.
  • Next meeting will take place in February 2019 in Luxembourg (second half, tbc)

The agenda of the meeting can be downloaded here.