9th Employment TN meeting, 12-13 December 2018, Brussels, Belgium

9th Employment TN meeting, 12-13 December 2018, Brussels, Belgium


The 9th meeting of the ESF Transnational Thematic Network on Employment took place on 12th and 13th December 2018 in Brussels. The meeting followed the joint meeting of three Thematic Networks (Employment, Partnership, Learning and Skills) on Future of Work – What can the ESF do?. The topic of the meeting was Future of Work: Transitions in the spotlight.

At the meeting, participants had the opportunity to take part in the training on boosting creativity for future ESF calls. Benedict Wauters from ESF Flanders gave insights to the work leading to the ESF call for innovative projects addressing social changes in the future. Annette Scoppetta, an expert for the network, presented findings from a draft paper on transitions (e.g. school-to-school, work-to-work, care-to-work, etc.) in the context of the future of work. Nathalie Wuiame, an expert on gender for the network, highlighted the topic of future of work from perspective of gender. Two practices addressing the future of work were presented: Project ‘Social partners on digital fast track’ from Belgian (Flanders) Social and Economic Council (SERV), and ‘Future centres’ project from German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to a group work. Participants were asked to discuss the following questions related to the topic of transitions in the context of future of work:

  • Which transitions are supported at present by your national Operational Programmes?
  • Which transitions are not yet targeted?
  • How can we ensure more holistic approach to transitions? What are your recommendations?

The network has agreed to finalize the following products by July 2019:

  • Paper on Career management and age management
  • Paper on transitions in the future of work
  • Guide for the ESF Managing Authorities on how they can support adjustments to future of work.
  • Report on job crafting/job carving and report on entrepreneurship.
  • On-line compendium of all reports.

Next two meetings of the network will happen in March and May 2019. The topic of the meetings will be job crafting/carving and entrepreneurship.  

Agenda of the meeting