8th Inclusion TN meeting, 20-21 September 2018, Madrid, Spain

8th Inclusion TN meeting, 20-21 September 2018, Madrid, Spain


The 8th meeting of the ESF Transnational Platform on Inclusion took place in Madrid on 20th and 21st September 2018 and was hosted by the Spanish Ministry of Employment, Migration and Social Security. The meeting addressed the topic of Active Inclusion with the title ‘Developing and Implementing the Active Inclusion Approach’ and it brought together participants working on the ESF (Managing Authorities and stakeholders) and on European Minimum Income (EMIN) Project.

On the first day of the meeting participants could hear about the use of the ESF in developing and implementing the Active Inclusion Approach through presented examples from Spain, Belgium (Flanders), Slovenia and Italy. Furthermore, the progress from the European Commission’s 2008 Active Inclusion Recommendations was reflected by various stakeholders (European Roma Grassroots Organization, European Anti-Poverty Network, European Women’s Lobby, and European Trade Union Confederation).

Second day of the meeting was dedicated to discussions on National Policy Frameworks and Practices related to Active Inclusion. Policies and practices from Spain, Netherlands and Denmark were presented.

In the final part of the meeting participants were discussing in small groups with focus on one of the areas they are working on – ESF or EMIN Project. Participants in the ESF group were asked to share answers on the following questions:

  • How Active Inclusion is dealt with in your ESF programme/s?
  • How much is allocated for Active Inclusion?
  • How is it allocated?
  • How is the implementation progressing?  
  • Example of a project that is supported under the Active Inclusion theme.

Please find the agenda of the meeting here.

Download minutes of the meeting here.

Download presentations from the meeting here.