8th Employment TN meeting, 8-9 October 2018, Madrid, Spain

8th Employment TN meeting, 8-9 October 2018, Madrid, Spain


The 8th meeting of the Employment Thematic Network took place on 8th and 9th of October 2018 in Madrid and was hosted by Spanish Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security (ESF Managing Unit). The theme of the meeting is 'Career management of an ageing workforce'.

The Employment TN meeting (8th-9th October) was be followed by a Conference on Long-Term Unemployment (LTU) organized by Foundation Santa María la Real (FSMLR) for the 5th anniversary of their “Lanzaderas” (Launchpads for Employment) programme on 10th October.

On the first day of the meeting two keynote speakers made an introduction to the topic. Judith Semeijn from Open University Netherlands reflected on what are the characteristics of career management that can lead to sustainable careers and life-long learning. Chris Ball from Newcastle University and Centre for Research into the Older Workforce (CROW) gave recommendations on how the ESF can support employment of people beyond age of 50 by looking at some good practices and successful projects.

Nathalie Wuiame, expert for gender mainstreaming in the Employment Thematic Network, gave an analytical overview of aspects that are determined by gender in the field of employment and career management of older workers.

Two presented projects showcased the use of the ESF in supporting employability of older workers. Nathalie Bekx from Trendhuis (Belgium-Flanders) presented the project 'Road 67' that has a focus on 'job-carving' (creation of new jobs by combining tasks from existing jobs) in tourist sector for workers older than 50 years. Eva Curto gave an overview of life-long learning and entrepreneurship programmes that are offered to people beyond 45 years by EOI Business School (Spain).

Participants of the meeting worked in smaller groups to share national and regional policies in the field of employment of older people, identify the challenges and how the ESF is used in supporting employability of older workers. On the second day participants formed set of recommendations on how ESF and ESF+ can better address the needs of older workers and advance their integration in the labour market.

The meeting concluded with discussions on the future of work. On 11 December 2018 Employment Thematic Network is preparing a joint meeting with Partnership and Learning and Skills Thematic Networks on the topic of Future of Work. Participants of the meeting shared their national and regional realities in regard to the actions and policies addressing the future needs of the labour market and gave recommendations for the use of the ESF in the future of work, skills and partnership.



Agenda of Employment TN meeting

Agenda of '5 years of Launchpads for Employment'