11th TN meeting in Scotland "Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise Sector", 5-6 March 2019

11th TN meeting in Scotland "Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise Sector", 5-6 March 2019



The 11th meeting of the ESF Transnational Platform Thematic Network on Social Economy took place in Edinburgh, Scotland on 5-6 March 2019. The meeting looked at the challenge of building a sustainable social enterprise (SE) sector based on a number of Scottish examples of strategies, innovation and impact measurement tools. 

On the first day of the meeting, participants had the chance to get a good overview of the Scottish national social economy strategy, network structures, funding possibilities (including ESF) and impact measurement tools. The participants were honoured by an intervention from Ms Aileen Campbell, Minister in the Scottish Government (MSP and Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government). Ms Campbell confirmed the government’s commitment to the 10 year Social Enterprise Strategy, which was co-created with the SE sector.

Two case studies on the circular economy were presented: “Move On Wood Recycling” social enterprise and “Community Resources Network Scotland – CRNS”.

The Scottish examples were complemented by two presentations: one by the EC representative on the novelties brought by the EC proposal on ESF+ and the other by AEIDL on the SIC Social Innovation Declaration.

The first day finished with a World Café workshop focusing on lessons learnt, barriers and transferability of good examples in the participants’ Member States.

On the second day there was a study visit to a social enterprise called “Remakery” -a community repair hub and second-hand shop.

Learning and results

  • Good networks and impact measurement tools are the basis for the SE sector to thrive – this can be supported by ESF.
  • The Social innovation priority within ESF+ should be explored further and used in the future by the SE sector.

Action points

Participants are encouraged to use the Scottish strategy and SE network structure as an inspiration to develop further SE sector in their Member States.


Some suggestions for the next TN SE meeting in 13-14 June in Warsaw will be circulated. TN members are welcome to send their proposals to the TN expert – Dorotea Daniele.

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