11th meeting of the TN Migrants - Rome, 16-17 May 2019

11th meeting of the TN Migrants - Rome, 16-17 May 2019


Our next TN Migrants study visit will take place in Rome, Italy on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th May 2019

The projects we will visit are the following:

PUOI project: The ESF and AMIF-funded project targets asylum seekers and aims at creating individual integration paths and promoting skills acquisition by providing internship opportunities, as well as skills assessment, tutoring, career guidance and coaching for job search.

IMPACT and PRIMA projects: IMPACT and PRIMA are part of a strategy promoted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies jointly with Regions intended to facilitate the complementary use of AMIF and ESF Regional Operational Programmes to foster the integration of migrants in Italy. In this regard, IMPACT aims to develop Regional Intervention Plans to strengthen integration services, migrant associations, regional and local information channels, and to qualify the educational system in multicultural contexts. PRIMA aims at fostering the provision of services for migrants in the Public Employment Service and increasing the involvement of migrants in active labour market policies.

CONNGI project: CONNGI – National Coordination Body of the New Italian Generations –represents the new generations of migrants in Italy. Their mission is promoting an approach towards social inclusion more attentive to the new generations’ proposals and needs.
The final agenda is available here