10th TN meeting - Lisbon - 25-26.10.2018

10th TN meeting - Lisbon - 25-26.10.2018

The 10th meeting of the Thematic Network on Simplification will take place next on 25th and 26th October 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. The TN meeting, hosted by the Portuguese Cohesion and Development Agency - AD&C, will follow the positive experience of the ninth meeting in Prague, involving  representatives of Managing Authorities, Audit Authorities and stakeholders from 26 Members States participating in the TN.

On the basis of the collaboration between authorities, the meeting will be mainly dedicated to develop concrete solutions and proposals around two key themes, Audit and Simplified Cost options (SCO), and will aim to achieve the following outcomes and objectives:

  •          Discuss the changes introduced by the Omnibus Regulation, with particular attention to Delegated Acts adopted under Art. 67 CPR and related implications
  •          Present the outcomes of the TN surveys on “Audit” and “Simplified Cost Options”, which have been launched after the ninth meeting
  •          Provide explanations and examples of how the conditions on reporting  can be met, in case of ex-ante assessment of simplified cost options
  •          Identify and plan the actions to be implemented by the TN and MS regarding “Audit and partnerships between MA and AA”, with particular attention to actions supporting ex ante assessment of SCO
  •          Present and discuss the state of play on Delegated Acts adopted under Art. 14(1) ESF and the next steps on “EU Level SCO”
  •          Explore the possibility to develop a “TN practical guide on SCO”, as well as several other actions related to SCO
  •          Present the preliminary actions of the TN subgroup on Financial Instruments and discuss on the setting up of subgroup(s) on “Post 2020 and result based approaches”

The agenda of the meeting is available here.

The minutes of the meeting are available here