10th meeting of the TN Migrants - Madrid, 1-2 April 2019

10th meeting of the TN Migrants - Madrid, 1-2 April 2019


Our next TN Migrants study visit will take place in Madrid, Spain on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd April 2019.

This study visit will enable the Network to explore ESF in a Southern European setting as well as see two ESF-funded projects which are aimed at migrant women - a target group which members have expressed a particular interest in.

The projects we will visit are the following:

Adelante project (CEPAIM Foundation) which aims at improving the integration into the labour market of women from a migrant background in different Spanish regions. The programme focuses on both labour itineraries but also on activities impoving work-life balance and gender equality.

Aysha project (International Organization for Migration Spain) which aims to improve the employability of migrant women from non-EU countries in the Community of Madrid. The activities of the project focus on offering support to design personalised work itineraries, specific training in ICT, social skills and basic competences and support to successfully complete traineeships to help beneficiaries obtain local experience.

We will also be hearing from the region of Murcia Regional Employment and training Service (SEF), which won the RegionStars 2018 award for their Asilo con red project. SEF together with  four local NGOs offer refugees personal plans and ‘one-stop-shop’ support to find work and settle into the local community.

The agenda of the meeting is available here

The minutes of the meeting will be available here shortly after the meeting. 

Participants are kindly asked to think about these background questions in advance.