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4.3 Transnational co-operation
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Działanie 4.3 Współpraca ponadnarodowa PO WER
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Project Idea summary

There are inefficiencies in how health, social and other services are being provided to people aged 65+ (the seniors). These inefficiencies cause doctors, nurses and other professionals (the caregivers) leave their jobs in formal care institutions (often run and always supervised by government authorities).
 The professional caregivers are often left with the option of either abandoning their trained profession or engage in non-regulated care market. These professionals who are used to follow procedures and are trained to provide good quality medical and social services find it hard to survive the free market environment where advertising skills seem more important than professional qualifications and performance.
 It is our purpose to design, test and implement a system of assessing the quality and quantity of the services being provided by the caregivers while basing on objective and verifiable data to arrive at evidence based tool to be used in the informal care market.
 The project’s general aim is to facilitate access to affordable, sustainable and high-quality services, including health care and social services of general interest. Apart from addressing elderly care problems, the project will include labour force activation incentives as well as lifelong learning components.

Problem addressed
  1. No free market standard of providing health and social care yet emerged in the informal market.
  2. Professionals leaving the market of formal care because of non-important processes being overregulated (too much bureaucracy).
  3. Disagreements are addressed using opinions (and not resolved using evidence-based facts).

To create and implement a novel system of health and social services in the informal market, and if successful to transfer it into the formal market.

Results and deliverables
  1. Models of using current advances in technology to produce novel services.
  2. Protocols of novel services for the elderly.
  3. Methodology of educating professional caregivers about the novel services to help them in non-regulated market.
  4. Scientific method-based protocols to be applied to dispute resolution.
Should our system prove successful in the informal market, its implementation in the formal market through public policies might be recommended at the end of the project.
1. Development and implementation of new solution(s);
2. Transfer, adaptation and implementation of new solution(s);
3. Concurrent creation and implementation of new solution(s);
2. Exchange of information and experience.
Experience and facilities available

We are a team of skilled programmers and hardware specialists. We are proficient at applying math and physics to solve complex problems (we carried out two EU-funded R&D projects and several other R&D projects financed by our commercial clients).

Expected partners and their roles
We are looking for a transnational partner (from country other than Poland) that has experience in one or more than one of these areas:
  • dependent people care;
  • health, wellbeing and social services;
  • services of general interest;
  • promoting labour force participation;
  • lifelong learning;
  • alternative dispute resolution (with experience in expert determination or / and arbitration);
  • creation and implementation of public policies (ideally you will have experience in transferring good solutions from private sector or social economy into public sector).
General comments on expectations, priorities re transnationality

In general we have a project plan that we think will work. In detail however there is room for improvement in areas detailed above. Even a seemingly small idea you can have in your mind can turn into a big solution.
If you think you have a novel idea that is worth developing in partnership or have a solution that is worth adapting in other places / verticals, we want to hear from you and work jointly to incorporate this idea or solution into our project.
If you want to discuss the suitability of your idea or solution and the partnership details, please e-mail us:

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End date of transnational activity
Sunday, 30 June, 2019