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Polish project provides safety for residents and employees of social welfare homes


The European Social Fund (ESF) is supporting people who require 24 hour care – as well as their caregivers. Measures such as these help to fight the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

€ 73 million from the ESF has been provided to support personnel and residents of the social welfare homes throughout Poland. The funds will help tackle the pandemic and its effects.

The Social Welfare Home in Jeziorany is one of the facilities which received the grant. The funds enabled this centre to buy personal protective equipment, provide wide testing of the employees or residents and pay caregivers' salaries.

According to Agnieszka Kiljan, head of Social Welfare Home in Jeziorany, the funds have been critical to the survival of services: 'The European Funds enabled us to purchase specialist equipment and personal protective equipment for the personnel. Now we may prevent spreading of COVID 19 in more effective manner. Our own budget resources were scarce and insufficient. In our case, testing of personnel was very needful. The first test revealed a single infection. There would be probably many more cases, if we made the tests without the support we received, and the infections would be definitely more severe.'

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