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Personal assistance and personal budgets for people with disabilities


Moving towards independent living and community-based care - EU funding instruments to support the development of community-based services for persons with disabilities: personal assistance and personal budgets

The event took place on 21 May; it was hosted by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic (MLSAF), in the framework of the Mutual Learning Process implemented by the European Commission.

The aim of the seminar was to provide an opportunity to exchange information and practical examples on the implementation of the Common European Guidelines on the Transition from Institution to Community-based care relevant for supporting persons with disabilities

The discussion paid particular focus on using personal assistance and personal budgets to support independent living of persons with disabilities. Also discussed at the seminar were the fundamental instruments available at European and National level.

Download the Executive Summary, Practice Fiches and Thematic Papers in both English and Slovakian. These can all be found in the related info section of this page.