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Human Capital for Territorial Growth


The objective of this year's Annual JRC conference is to discuss with scientists and policy makers how Member States, regions and cities can harness the potential of their human capital under the current socio-economic and environmental challenges to make their territories more dynamic, creative and resilient to external shocks.

In particular, the event will focus on understanding human capital and its significant interest to policymakers as a key determinant for territorial growth. Thus, it will discuss how to measure human capital including quantitative and qualitative indicators, as well as monetary measures and its impact on national, regional and urban growth. It will identify major challenges for human capital development, including demographic change, migration, fairness, attractiveness (e.g. polarisation of regions, culture and creativity, eEurope targets, regional well-being) and propose recommendations for scientific evidence and policy action and the corresponding scientific world needed to underpin these actions.

The EU Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies and the Cultural and Creative City Monitor 2016 will be launched at the conference.

An exhibition will be held in parallel to the main conference.


Linn Ikoon Linn: Brüssel (Belgia )
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