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Austrian project meets challenges facing ageing workforce


ESF provides €25 million for project enabling 1500 firms to sustain long-term employment for older staff.

Workforces are changing: most Member States’ populations are older, with individuals working later in life prior to retirement. Funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), ‘Demographic Consulting’ offers free advice to businesses. The project aids enterprises in constructing age-appropriate work environments, thereby ensuring staff of all ages can perform to the best of their abilities.

Consultations are tailored to a particular workplace, and focus on key areas that should be addressed to ensure safe, healthy environments for all employees.  These include leadership and culture, HR management, knowledge and skills and health. The project also offers advice and information on staff retention and the benefits of a generational mix at work.

The project has been extremely successful: in two years, more than 340,000 employees have benefited from from its expertise   Regina Eipeldauer’s company, Ludwig Görtz GmbH, recently received free support from Demographic Consulting – and was very positive about the results.   ‘We have gone from a culture of judgement to a valuing culture of communication. This makes us stronger and fitter to face challenges in the future.’