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Novice o ESS

Naples Shelter for the Homeless and Immigrants hit by the Coronavirus


The European Social Fund (ESF) is financing the emergency safe space “De Blasiis” in the City of Naples.

The Centre, like other structures, has been reconverted to host vulnerable persons such as homeless, immigrants and people with addiction problems during the pandemic. It also hosts non-residents and foreign adults present in the city territory with urgent and unavoidable problems or in conditions not compatible with street life.

The main objectives of the low threshold services are:

  • to offer a concrete response to basic needs.
  • to favour people's access to the network of existing services.
  • to carry out harm reduction interventions.
  • promoting mutual self-help and encouraging active citizenship processes.

A social team with multisector competences in social inclusion policies has started working in February 2020. As from March 2020, it has set up the opening of the structure also during daytime hours, for the next 3 months, due to the diffusion of Covid-19.  Currently, 40 people are hosted in the structure.

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