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Croatian project gets the ball rolling for young job-seekers


Young people in Croatia are getting a helping hand to find their path to a good career.

With ESF funding, ‘Open the door to the world of work’ is able to offer a one-stop shop for employers to meet students moving toward the labour market – and for students to get more information on taking positive steps toward a job in their chosen profession. 

The project works by offering training and activities that reflect the needs of local labour markets.  Students can build their expertise in growing, innovative fields such as health, machine operation and IT.  To respond to the ongoing pandemic, all training and activities take place online – allowing participants to continue their move toward work despite COVID-19. 

‘Open the door’ works to keep students motivated, building contacts and sharing success stories through activities and employment clubs.  Participants can therefore work together to better identify what employers are looking for – and find their way toward a sustainable, fulfilling career.