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ESF supporting the smooth relaunch of planned educations activities in Greece


Co-funded by the ESF, a project in Greece is providing support for the safe and smooth relaunch of planned educational activities in universities through the provision of medical supplies to students.

Since the first confirmed COVID-19 case in early March 2020, the Greek government announced an almost total lockdown, including the closure of all education institutes. The new project is aiming to protect public health and ensure that the necessary protection measures and safety rules are available, in order to facilitate the gradual and safe return of students. The project also aims to ensure the equal participation of all students in the restart of the educational process.

With 2,000,000 € co funded by the ESF, the scope of the action involves the purchase of sanitary supplies and PPE such as masks, gloves, liquid soap and other safety materials. This will be provided to all Higher Education students after the lift of the lockdown measures, so that they will be able to physically attend classes and safely participate in exams, something that is deemed as necessary in laboratory and clinical exercises.

The support will be prioritised towards all Higher Education students whose physical presence is mandatory in the context of their studies, totalling around 423,552 undergraduates and postgraduates. In addition, there is a provision for students, whose families have been financially affected by the crisis and cannot afford the necessary sanitary supplies to participate in the restart of the educational process.

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