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European Social Fund: Young Journalists for Europe


How do we represent the European Social Fund (ESF) for young people effectively? What are the competences for successful audio-visual communication? Are we sure of the quality and accuracy of what is circulating on the web?

With 6 schools, 6 tutors, 10 experts and 44 hours of training, the ESF communication of the Umbria Region had no doubt: “Young journalists for Europe” is the right answer!  
The Chair responsible for teaching junior pupils in secondary schools include the prominent (and famous) RAI-TV journalists: Marco Frittella, lecturer and journalist, for years in Italian homes; Celia Guimaraes, TV journalist, teacher, blogger who follows digital media, start-ups and social networks; Luca Garosi, editor-in-chief of RaiNews24; the famous well-known actress Corinna Locastro, which took responsibility for the ‘sedition and prosemitic’ part, or of how it is ‘in the process of being’ on video and professional editing experts. 
The officials and managers of the Umbria Region explained to the young people what the ESF is, illustrating some of the projects that have been carried out through such funding. However, the training is not the only aspect of the project. The young people who applied soon after the training, produced 30 mobile videos of mobile tours, showing daily how close people are to Europe. 
To increase the involvement of the students, the Umbria Region has decided to organise the first “Grand Prix of television and radio broadcasting from Umbria”. The videos will be put out to tender and a jury of experts will reward the best journalist. Another prize will be awarded to the video that receives the highest number of votes on the ESF YouTube channel.
One thing is certain, the students have already won. With their commitment and new skills, they will be able to excel in the future; the schools and teachers have embraced the project with enthusiasm. 
“A one-minute video has the same communicative effect as about 1,8 million words”, was a study of Forreter Researcher published a few years. In the first 20 hours of its publication, the video received 576 views.
The Region of Umbria looks forward to the Open Days 2020 with this draft communication and with ESS4U, another successful initiative, which is also perfectly replicable.
ESF look forward to discovering who has won the Grand Prix and we invite you to watch and vote on the work of young people in the race.
The votes will close on 24 September 2020 at 23:59 CEST.