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Academy helps Slovak students go digital


Slovak students are getting ready for the digital revolution. Thanks to grants from the European Social Fund (ESF), the ‘IT Academy’ is preparing a new generation of students to thrive in the information societies of tomorrow.


The project is currently helping nearly 500 elementary and secondary schools with ICT-profiles develop innovative methods for teaching mathematics, IT and science. In addition to boosting pupils’ interest in these subjects, IT Academy organises extra-curricular activities to promote IT literacy and IT-oriented careers.

The project also supports the reform of tertiary IT study programmes in five Universities across the country. These improvements will contribute to the development of new, more relevant labour market models for the 21st Century.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck earlier this year, the Academy adapted its services and offered training and tools for distance learning to teachers. This crucial service helped thousands of students to continue receiving qualitative education. As online learning will undoubtedly only increase in importance in the years to come, the IT Academy is dedicated to ensuring the Slovak education system is ready for the challenges of 21st-Century learning.

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