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Czechia: ESF to Finance the Screening Centre for Early Detection of Infective


The Czech Republic has used financial resources from the Czech Operational Program Employment, financed by the European Social Fund (ESF), to create a National Screening Centre for early Detection of Infective Diseases.

The Centre cooperates with respected Czech institutions such as medical facilities of the biggest universities in Czechia (e.g. Charles University in Prague and in Hradec Kralove), hospitals in the biggest cities and private institutes (e.g. IKEM). 

Several working teams in charge of the coordination of the implementation of different studies, collection and evaluation of data and design and implementation of the new measures which would allow earlier detection of the cases. For this purpose, new National databases will be created from the project.

So far, a study on collective immunity across the Czech population has been completed. It involved testing of a representative sample of the population on antibodies of SARS-CoV-2. The target group was not supposed to have any visible COVID symptoms. This helped to aggregate the proportion of the population infected by COVID 19 and the level of immunisation of the population. Eventually, it would also help to early monitor cases which could spread the virus without being aware of it. The results of the study have received a lot of media coverage.

Currently, another study on the presence of the antibodies in recovered COVID-19 patients is under preparation.

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