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Italian project opens doors for young workers


Young people in the Friuli Venezia Guilia region of Italy are finding it a bit easier to find their way into sustainable work with the help of an ESF-funded project

Rimotivazione allo studio’ specifically focuses on young people (age 15-18) who have not yet obtained any qualification, are at risk of dropping out of school, or who intend to enter the labour market for the first time.   The intervention offers workshop-type training courses, complementary to school courses, aimed at strengthening the autonomy and sense of responsibility.  The courses focus on building motivation to continue or re-enter study – as well as learning and providing specific pre-professional guidance skills.

The training perspective is innovative – focusing on active and participatory methodology.  This type of training aims to allow personal experiences to enhance capacity in a work environment - promoting the involvement of participants and creating a climate of mutual trust.

Courses seek to build curiosity in young people, building the connection between discovery, empowerment and self-management.  Projects such as these are critical to facing the needs of young people – facing an increasingly competitive, technical workforce in a period where finding sustainable employment is made further difficult due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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