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Laptop project builds momentum against COVID-19


A Polish education project is fighting the pandemic with the help of ESF funding.

Based in the Małopolska Region, 'Laptopy' has enabled students and teachers to continue to participate in remote learning through the widespread provision of laptops.   The project also aims to improve the methodological and digital competences of teachers, provide additional qualifications, monitor and evaluate remote teaching and support initiatives complementing students' free time in extracurricular activities. 

Part of the Education Package for Vocational Education, computer equipment for remote education worth over PLN 1.5 million has been delivered throughout the voivodship as of April 2021. The equipment will be used by pupils, students and teachers in the implementation of core curriculum classes - lessons, exams and other remote education activities.  

The project started delivering and disseminating laptops in May 2020. The first laptops were supplied to schools in the poviats of Gorlice and Nowy Sącz, as well as facilities in the Małopolskie Voivodeship, i.e. Małopolska School of Hospitality in Myślenice and the Special School and Education Centre in Myślenice.  Laptops co-financed from European Funds will also be provided to Małopolska primary and secondary schools.   

22 institutions in the region will also receive specialised computer equipment ensuring their digital transformation. A total of approximately PLN 60 million is planned for activities supporting remote education.

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