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EU Romani Week 2020 postponed for later this year


Due to coronavirus precautions taken in the European Parliament, the Romani Week will be postponed for later this year.

Ahead of International Romani Day, policymakers, experts and organisations concerned with persistent antigypsyism will come together to debate the post-2020 EU policies for Romani Inclusion as well as build on the previous work from Romani Weeks.

From 23 March to 26 March, a series of events will take place in Brussels which will provide recommendations on how to combat antigypsyism, the effectiveness of the post-2020 EU policies and much more.

As part of the debate for the post-2020 EU policies for people with Romani background, the event ‘Making EU funds and financial instruments work for Roma: Smart Investments for better outcomes will take place on Wednesday 25 March at 9 am (CET). With an emphasis on Romani people, the importance of applying the partnership principle and code of conduct when engaging with different stakeholders will be highlighted during the event, as well as focusing on:

  • Raising awareness on the positioning and different funding instruments that are available for Romani inclusion.
  • Identifying success methods and barriers for channelling EU funding used for addressing challenges faced by Romani people
  • Provide recommendations on how to overcome challenges and establish new opportunities and models to make the best use of EU funding for inclusive growth.

Interested in attending this event, please register here.