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New publication - Access to social protection for workers and the self employed


This collection of best practice examples from across Europe highlights the ways European Member States are improving access to social protection for workers and the self-employed.

The key function of social protection is to protect people against the financial implications of social risks for example, illness, old age, workplace accidents, to prevent and alleviate poverty and uphold a decent standard of living.

By declaring the European Pillar of Social Rights, EU Institutions and Member States have expressed their shared belief that inclusive social protection systems are essential for sustainable employment and a strong and resilient economy.

Taking into consideration the common challenges faced, the selection of best practice examples was developed by and aimed toward national authorities and social partners. The aim of which was to exchange experiences and to draw lessons from how Member States are putting the Pillar into practice.

The publication includes details about a new digital course co-funded by the ESF, available for unemployed and employed people in Latvia.

Please find the full EN Report on our publication page.