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Supporting Marginalised Rural Communities During the Coronavirus Pandemic in Romania


The project ”Creating and implementing integrated community services” is implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Research in Romania.

This ESF project is carried out in 116 marginalised rural communities. The main objective of the project is to support the setup and functioning of integrated community services (with teams of social assistants, community nurses and school counsellors or mediators).

Whereas usually, they tackle the individual vulnerabilities of the impoverished communities within which they operate, now social workers are facing an additional common challenge that arises from the coronavirus pandemic that puts us all at risk. Besides the daily operations that they usually perform, they now have to take on additional tasks to protect the community and avoid contamination.

As having accurate information is essential, they are an important resource to inform citizens on the social distancing measures and the steps to take to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. They assist the local authorities, distribute leaflets and monitor citizens that have returned from abroad. They make sure that children keep on learning even if schools are closed, ensuring that they have the most adequate resources given the context they are facing. They also make sure that the elderly are monitored and kept safe. Social workers shop for those who cannot do it themselves. They make sure that people are healthy and have access to basic medical services, and that those children of infected persons are kept safe and not needing anything. They teach people how to make their own masks and contact NGOs to provide human or financial resources.

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