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Taking the bus to work


Bus driver
© Kzenon

In Denmark, 86 jobseekers wave goodbye to unemployment and get back into a job as bus drivers.

A large group of unemployed people in North Jutland – 86 in total – are back in work after completing a new training course for bus drivers with a specific focus on customer service. The course is a part of the ESF project ‘NT at your service’, implemented through a partnership between North Jutland’s bus drivers’ association and training provider AMU Nordjylland. A special advantage of this course is that the participants acquire the latest knowledge and skills in the field so they are attractive to future employers.

“It is a really good opportunity that has given me various new skills and, at the same time, guaranteed a job after completing the course,” says new bus driver Tommy Stokholm. “So far, 86 people have completed the course and nearly all are now in work. A success rate of nearly 100%, and we are very proud of that,” explains project manager Heidi Livoni.