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Ειδήσεις για το ΕΚΤ

2020 VET Excellence Awards celebrates extraordinary efforts in funding


The VET Excellence awards recognises individuals and organisations for their efforts in promoting high quality Vocational and Educational Training. This year, the Italian project 'Green Leather Manager' won the prize in the 'European funding' category.

The awards celebrate commitment to Vocational Education and Training (VET). They are designed to spotlight best practices and quality implementation of VET as well as provide visibility to the winners. The awards also aim to motivate learners and trainers – and support the development of networks and career opportunities.

Two projects were nominated under the ‘European funding for excellence in VET’ category.

Latvia’s 'Career Guidance in General and Vocational Education Institutions’ targeted career development. The project received support via 405 general education institutions and 17 VET Competence Centres. It was particularly successful –150 397 pupils received career development support. The project also trained the national youth professional team in EuroSkills and WorldSkills.

Italy’s ‘Green Leather Manager’ project developed a training programme for developing sustainable products within therapidly changing Italian leather industry. This year’s winning project aimed to train a new generation of Green Leather Managers to shift from traditional processes with heavy environmental impact to more sustainable solutions. This two-year course, launched by ITS Cosmo and co-financed by the ESF, has already influenced a hundred businesses in the Veneto Region.

The awards were presented by Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, at the Closing of the European Vocational Skills Week. Commissioner Schmit highlighted the importance of the awards in celebrating VET, stating, ‘This ceremony closes a fascinating week. A week that showcased what vocational education and training has to offer. Participants have demonstrated that VET can be innovative. That it can be a bridge to the new digital and green world of work. Together, we will keep working to promote vocational education and training, and to make it more agile, digital and accessible to workers of all ages and throughout their whole life. We will keep making clear that VET is a unique path to employment.’

More information can be found via the VET Excellence Awards home page.