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Videos & photos

About the ESF

Choose from a series of videos that set out what the ESF does. They explain why the ESF exists, the challenges it confronts and the solutions it offers. There is also information on the history of the ESF, showing how it has developed to become the EU’s major instrument for supporting employment, training and life-long learning.

Individual stories

The success of the ESF is the sum of many thousands of personal success stories from across the EU. These stories relate how individual Europeans were given a helping hand to improve their skills, find a job, and change their lives for the better. This series of videos tells some of these stories, and together they illustrate the wide variety of ESF activities.

The ESF in your country

ESF projects are planned and implemented where they are needed – in the countries and regions of the EU. Choose a country to see examples of how the ESF is helping its citizens get the skills and training they need for work.