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The ESF for experts

This section provides technical information for organisations tasked with implementing the ESF and for ESF beneficiaries

Quality of Public Administration - A Toolbox for Practitioners

Simplified cost options

Financial instruments

Quality of Public Administration - A Toolbox for Practitioners

The quality of its institutions, both governmental and judicial, is a key determining factor for a country's economic and societal well-being. Administrative capacity is increasingly recognised as a pre-requisite for delivering the EU’s treaty obligations and objectives, such as creating sustainable growth and jobs. The EU supports Member States’ administrations through the European Semester process and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).

The Toolbox aims to support, guide and encourage those who want to build public administrations that will create prosperous, fair and resilient societies. It is intended as a reference and resource, not a prescription or a panacea, by signposting readers to existing EU policies and international practices, illustrated by almost 170 inspirational case studies.

Simplified cost options and Joint Action Plans 

Simplified Cost Options (SCOs) and Joint Action Plans (JAPs) are a key tool for achieving result orientation and simplification in the ESF, a strategic objective both for the Commission and the Member States in the 2014-2020 programming period.

The main advantage of the use of simplified costs is that the tracing of every euro of co-financed expenditure to individual supporting documents is no longer required.

Among other advantages, they significantly reduce the administrative burden for both managing authorities and beneficiaries and allow administrations to shift the focus from collecting and verifying financial documents to achieving policy objectives.

Comprehensive information on the use of Simplified Cost Options and Joint Action Plans can be found here.


Financial instruments

The fi-compass web portal is offering a wide range of resources for Member States, managing authorities, financial institutions, project leaders and all stakeholders. It provides comprehensive information on the use financial instruments under the different ESI funds.