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Partnerships for progress

The ESF is giving support to a wide range of organisations active in the field of employment to help them contribute to policies in these fields and to reforms to the way they are created and implemented.

As well as supporting efficient and effective public services, the ESF is helping many other organisations to get the capacities and skills they need to contribute to boosting employment. These include education institutions, workers’ organisations, NGOs dealing with employment, social inclusion and disadvantaged groups, and employers’ organisations among others. A high level of policy-making and management skills among these civil society actors is vital if they are to work in partnership with each other at national, regional and local levels to reform employment systems and implement policies.


The ESF is supporting networking among these social partners to build the bridges and communication channels that will maximise their contributions to ESF programmes. Experience has shown that the complex problems that arise during the design and implementation of ESF activities are best resolved when all these organisations work together to complement and reinforce one another – building shared visions and helping execute more successful programmes and projects.