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Childcare training aims to boost job prospects


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Luxembourg’s Valiflex project provides training in the field of childcare for out of work people who are registered as jobseekers with the public employment agency. In addition, the project offers people with previous relevant experience the chance to undertake higher levels of training which could lead to a degree. Valiflex has mechanisms in place to assess and validate people’s experience.

The project offers information workshops and ten weeks of basic training for all participants, along with examinations and certification for successful candidates. Applicant tracking ensures each person receives their own action plan and tailored training.

Guidance and counselling are used to establish the validity and extent of previous experience. Those who have suitable experience can take part in an additional three-week long training module. Candidates with validated experience earn diplomas, providing they meet Ministry of Education requirements.

So far, the project boasts a 0% drop-out rate, and class attendance runs at more than 92%. The first cycle of training saw all 17 participants complete their basic training and receive certificates. Of these, 12 went on to find jobs within three months.

Project results will be disseminated through conferences and other events, with the aim of sustaining the use of Valiflex’s methods.

Project name: Valiflex
Area of activity: Opening Pathways to Work
Project duration: January 2011 – December 2013
ESF contribution: € 194 589
Total budget: € 389 178
Number of participants: 100 (target)
Country: Luxembourg
Organisation: Confederation Caritas
Contact details:

Elisabeth Werner

Tel. +352 40 21 31 1

Project name LU - Childcare training aims to boost job prospects
Duration -
Total budget € 0
Contact details
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