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Working ‘More Remotely’ proves relevant and timely


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A Finnish project, designed to develop remote working skills in leadership, supervision, peer support and change management in the health and social care sector, is proving very timely during COVID-19.

When a team of Finnish universities created a project to promote remote working in the social and health care sector in 2019, they could not have known how well-timed it would turn out to be.

The project, called ‘More Remotely – Work in Social and Health Care Is Changing’ was designed by Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), together with the University of Eastern Finland, University of Lapland, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and local government employers.

By giving staff new knowledge and skills – including digital skills – in remote leadership, remote work supervision, remote peer support, and change management, it aims to promote their occupational wellbeing, productivity and participation.

However, when COVID-19 arrived, More Remotely suddenly became more relevant, with obvious practical applications.

"The Covid -19 Pandemic has made the Project very important and current," explains Project Manager Tarja Heinonen. "Social and health care superiors have developed their leadership skills in crisis situations with remote methods. The development has improved work fluency and productivity and promoted occupational wellbeing. The project has tested use possibilities of remote tools and methods and encouraged their use."

TAMK piloted the scheme in four provinces. In Helsinki it also ran a pilot in the home care sector, where the use of digital services has been shown to improve the quality of life for clients, and decrease their experience of loneliness.

Project name The More Remotely Project – Work in Social and Health Care Is Changing
Duration 2019 - 2022
ESF contribution € 1,152,514.00
Total budget € 1,440,642.00
Participants n/a
Country Finland
Organisation Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Social Media
Contact details Development Manager Tarja Heinonen
+358 505685354
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