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Bringing workplace wellbeing management into focus


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Finland’s FOCUS project offers a framework and digital app to help businesses manage staff wellbeing, and its innovative crisis management tools are helping companies respond to COVID-19.

In recent years, the influence of staff wellbeing on productivity has been a big talking point for businesses in Finland. However, although companies have started to introduce wellbeing management, activities tend to be isolated and infrequent, and are not always managed systematically, purposefully or effectively.

To address this, the University of Vaasa has developed a project, with funding from the ESF, called Focus on Management of Wellbeing at Work.This framework helps managers to recognise wellbeing development needs, set targets, use relevant tools and build management systems for workplace wellbeing, supported by an innovative digital app for smartphone and laptops.

In 2020, in response to COVID-19, the Focus team introduced new tools. Focus on Crisis Management is a set of instructions, with accompanying digital app, covering issues relevant to the pandemic: dealing with contagious disease, accidents, cybersecurity problems, staff crises, and crises caused by business changes.

All Focus wellbeing management tools are available for free on the project website – and feedback has been very positive. One company using the Management of Wellbeing tools says, “All the main points are important, well defined and recognised, as well as understandable. We wouldn’t delete or add anything.”

The Crisis Management Instructions and app have been equally well received, with companies complimenting the clear design, and saying they have benefited from them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Duration 2019 - 2023
ESF contribution € 1,056,682.00
Total budget € 1,320,855.00
Participants 8 partners altogether, 18 project persons altogether
Country Finland
Organisation University of Vaasa, Finland
Contact details Paula Naumanen
+358 400 272564
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