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International internships help thousands into work


TLN map, 2019
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TLN Mobility, an EU exchange programme co-ordinated from Germany, is helping disadvantaged young to discover their strengths, by offering a range of work-related learning experiences abroad.

Thousands of young people in Europe have been able to discover their strengths and prepare for working life, thanks to the Transnational Learning Network, or “TLN Mobility”.

Since 2013, TLN Mobility, based in Germany, has co-ordinated an EU exchange programme. 21 Member States offer hosting or sending activities, giving disadvantaged young people a range of work-related learning experiences abroad.

When Marlena Kristahl finished school, she didn't know what career to pursue. So she took part in Europe 4 U, a German project that gave her the opportunity of a TLN Mobility exchange. Along with eight others, she went to Ireland, where she successfully completed an internship at a tailor's shop.

“I enjoyed it so much that I said, 'I can imagine doing this for the rest of my life',” Marlena says. “I gained the insight that I can do it regardless. Even though a lot of people in my life had told me ‘You can’t do anything and you will never find a proper job’.”

By 2020, more than 6,800 participants had benefitted from TLN Mobility projects launched by Catalonia, Czech Republic, Galicia, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Trento. And the exchanges have proved a remarkable success, with participants much more likely to finish school, find a training place or get a job.

Experiences gathered with TLN Mobility will now be incorporated into the JUVENTUS programme, which will give even more disadvantaged young people from more Member States the courage and confidence to succeed in working life.

Project name TLN Mobility
Duration 2013 - n/a
ESF contribution 73 Million by 2020
Total budget € 105,300,000.00
Participants 6.820 by 2020
Country Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Andalusia, Catalonia
Organisation Lead organisation: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Germany
Contact details Bettina Reuter
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