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Engaging the youngsters in quarantine in Emilia-Romagna


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The coronavirus crisis has led to major changes in the daily lives of all people, first of all, young people.

The Region proposes a project called “IntERvallo 182”: a daily “edutainment programme”, a 60-minute magazine which, thanks to interviews and video material, provides an opportunity to learn about the environment, school, training, work, art, music, culture, literature, history, geography, digital skills, technology and innovation.

Co-funded by the European Social Fund, IntERvallo 182 speaks to the young people also about Europe and the opportunities co-funded by the European funds for young people.

Paola Salomoni – Regional Councillor: “With this initiative, the Region wants to give a sense of community and to share the experiences of young people in these long days at home. We will use the technologies to bring adolescents together, who are the age group that suffers the most from the forced lack of sociality of this period, and to try to give value to this time with a dedicated offer of an ‘interval’ of daily reflection”.

The word ‘interval’ means the distance between two objects, between two persons, but also the space between two different points of time.

“IntERvallo 182 ” — with capital E and capital R— is the interval at which our society has been forced to stop the infection and is the safety distance of 182 cm, to which each of us is forced in the relations with others. But it is also, in a kind of continuity with school lessons done remotely, a recreation window that uses the language of young people to convey the trust, inspiration and educational content. 

Project name IntERvallo 182
Duration 2020 - 2020
ESF contribution € 18,126.76
Total budget € 36,253.52
Participants About 60.000
Country Italy
Organisation Emilia-Romagna Region / Regione Emilia-Romagna
Social Media
Contact details Anna Maria Linsalata
+39 3346746410
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